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Digital Eye Exams Madison, AL

Madison Eyes is proud to offer in-store same day digital eye exams for the whole family! Our cutting-edge telehealth technology allows us to check for underlying eye conditions and offers a quick way to get a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

We are a locally owned and operated family eye care center in Madison, AL, proudly serving patients throughout the Madison / Huntsville area including Triana, Harvest, Moores Mill, and New Market.

What is An In-Store Digital Eye Exam?

A digital eye exam is a new way to get your eyes checked.

An in-store digital eye exam is an easy, convenient 5-minute vision test using wavefront technology for the purpose of issuing a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

An Overview:

  • You will come into our store for the digital eye exam.
  • The vision test is performed by an in-store optical technician with a board-certified Opthamologist MD screening the exam.
  • It’s fast, with the appointment usually lasting under 20 minutes.
  • No dilation of the eyes.


In-Store Telehealth Eye Exams: How It Works & What To Expect During Appointment

Your eye exam will be performed at our eye care store in Madison. Here’s what to expect during your in-person appointment:

Step 1: Go Over Your Patient Medical History– We will gather your eye health and medical history, go over any existing eye problems, medications you’re taking and other routine questions.

Step 2: Pre-screening – One of our technicians will administer a few pretests prior to your digital eye exam. These pretests include taking digital photos of the front of the eye, retinal images and other additional testing.

Step 3: Your Digital Eye Exam – After the pre-screening, we will escort you to a private examination room. Our in-house optical technician will perform a refraction and visual acuity test (an interactive version of the old eye chart).

Step 4: Review By An Ophthalmologist – When the refraction is complete, a board-certified Ophthalmologist MD will review the results of your exam and issue a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

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